Monday, July 22, 2013

Ras Moshe and John Pietaro LIVE at X-JAZZ CONFUSION

Gnaw, Prana Bindu, Sonic Suicide Squad, Capacities, Ubasute at the Stanhope House Fri Aug 23rd!

  • The Stanhope House and MuteAnt Sounds present an uncompromising night of experimental music, hardcore, and grind for the underground connoisseur.

    GNAW- The brainchild of Alan Dubin (Old Lady Driver/Khanate), with members of Enos Slaughter and Ike Yard; Gnaw is a genre destroying journey, utilizing pounding percussion, factory noise, chordal slabs of guitar and bass, homemade electro-acoustic instruments and Dubin’s unique and legendary vocalizations.
    The 5 piece have been assaulting audiences in the US as well as Europe with live shows since 2009 and have just completed their second album, "Horrible Chamber" to be released on Seventh Rule Records - October 2013.

    Prana-Bindu features members of The Hat City Intuitive, Mittimus & 76% Uncertain that freely improvise through space and time. Matt SekelTodd KnappGene Moore, Gene Janas, and John Howard (Hat City Intuitive/DC noise-rockers The Plums) are slated for performance.

    Sonic Suicide Squad - The SSS were highly active from 2008-2010 releasing a slew of CDR's on such infamous labels as DC's Panic Research and Halifax's Snapped in Half; as well as a self released 7". The band brought their free jazz noise terror style on tour as the opening act for Acid Mothers Temple's 2009 US and Canada tour routing them 15,000 miles in 6 weeks. This is the first emergence of the Squad since the hiatus of 2010.
    Core members Sam Lohman (drums; Sheer Terror/Nimrod) and Vinnie Paternostro (tenor sax/tronics) will collab with Mike Graziano (bass; Earthly One).

    Capacities -Unapologetic hardcore from members of Black Kites, The Saddest Landscape, Less Life and more. The sound is chaotic, cathartic, fast and heavy, straddling a line between bands like Orchid, Neil Perry and Portraits Of Past.

    Ubasute - Taking their name from an alleged Japanese custom where the elderly are taken to a remote place and left to die, grindcore freaks Ubasute produce a sound to live up to their name. Brutal grind featuring the vocals of Alex Caprio, you better not blink or you'll miss their 15 minute live set

    18+ $8.00 advance/$10.00 at the door.
    Doors 6. Music 8 pm

    Get advanced tickets thru TicketWeb

Sunday, July 21, 2013

NEW Morbid Vomit "How Stupid Can You Be" FREE on MAS!

Morbid Vomit's "How Stupid Can You Be" out now and free to download on MAS! "Don't be stupid!                  Get it here:

Elliott Levin and Brian Marsella at X-JAZZ CONFUSION with Tim Dahl and Ron Stabinsky

Livestream event for X-Jazz Confusion; an experimental music series at the Stanhope House.   

Elliott Levin (tenor sax/flute/spoken word), Brian Marsella (keyboard/effects), John Christie (drums), Josh Klein (monotribe/monotron/delay), and Vinnie Paternostro (tenor sax) in total chaos mode. Blazing improv and psychedelic sounds.

Tim Dalh (bass/effects) and Ron Stabinsky (keyboards) open the perfomance. A vortex of swirling improv noise.

                                                           Click the link and be there: